Car Safety Checks

If you’re preparing for a long car journey or want to be well-prepared for the unpredictable British weather, conducting regular, simple checks on your car is a good idea to ensure it remains in optimal condition and keeps you safe on the road.

Yet, with our busy lives, seeking the expertise of professionals becomes more convenient. This is when you should consider contacting Peacock Garage. At our workshop in Great Boughton, Chester, we offer a comprehensive range of car safety checks. Our highly skilled team will meticulously inspect your lights, brakes, tyres, engine oil, and other important areas to keep you well-protected and safe during your travels. You can trust Peacock Garage to maintain your vehicle’s performance and ensure a secure journey.

To find out more about Car Safety Checks in Great Boughton, Chester, get in touch online or call Peacock Garage on 01244 311 381

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