Wheel Balancing

When one area of a tyre is heavier than the others, the tyre is out of balance.

By redistributing the weight around the tyre, wheel balancing at Peacock Garage increases the safety of your car, the life of the tyre, and its performance. One of our skilled experts will install the wheel on a balancing device, which spins the tyre and the wheel to isolate the heavier component. The heavier component will then be made up for by fastening a weight on the opposite side.

If you experience any problems like bumpiness or vibrations, get in contact with our experts in Great Boughton, Chester, to schedule a check-up. Unbalanced tyres can also speed up the wear of your shock absorbers, struts, and other steering and suspension components.

To find out more about Wheel Balancing in Great Boughton, Chester, get in touch online or call Peacock Garage on 01244 311 381

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